Digital Echocardiography Reference Library

Welcome to the GASNet Digital Echocardiography Reference Library! This resource uses VDOLive technology to deliver high-quality echocardiogram videos over a 28.8 kb modem connection!

You will need a VDOLive player for Windows NT or 95, Windows 3.1, or the Power Macintosh (all are free of charge). Or, connect to the VDOLive web site for the most recent versions and detailed instructions.

Section Editors: Albert Perrino, MD; Ira S Cohen, MD; Keith J Ruskin, MD; Forrest Levin, PhD; Martha Luther, MSN

Aortic Lesions

Acute Aortic Dissection

Atrial Masses

Left atrial clot (Left and right atrial and septal views)
Left atrial clot (Left atrial view)
Mobile atheromatous debris (Left atrial view)
Clot in transit

Septal Abnormalities

Atrial septal defect (color flow Doppler)
Patent foramen ovale (color flow Doppler)

Valve Abnormalities

Aortic insufficiency and mitral regurgitation
Mitral valve flail with vegetation
Mitral valve regurgitation with flail leaflet (pre- and post-repair studies)
Mitral valve vegetation

Wall Motion Abnormalities

Acute anterior wall dysfunction as a result of an occluded LIMA graft
A demonstration of LV performance abnormalities during aortic cross clamping and response to vasoactive treatment.

Miscellaneous Findings

Demonstration of the utility of TEE in the differential diagnosis of acute intraoperative hypotension
Intraoperative ventricular tachycardia arrest during colectomy and successful resusitation including external cardiac compression