Anesthesiology on the Internet


The journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists

Anesthesiology and Critical Care Resources on the Internet

An exhaustive list of just about any electronic resource of interest to anesthesiologists. Prepared by A. J. Wright, MLS; hypertext version maintained by Dr. Frank O'Connor

The Anesthesia Employment Archive

Positions available and situations wanted. Hosted by the Penn State Department of Anesthesia.


An anonymous critical incident reporting system based in Switzerland

The Hardin Meta-Directory

A directory of anesthesiology resource lists.

The International Anesthesiology E-mail List

An international address book that will help you to find friends and colleagues. This is a SATA Project maintained by Stef Olofsen.

Societies for Technology and Computing in Anesthesia

Links to WWW sites run by societies dedicated to the advancement of technology in anesthesiology.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Anesthesiology

Links to anesthesiology-related WWW servers, and to the WWW Virtual Library, which contains links to information on nearly any topic